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About Us

Brand Concept

In a world that is constantly moving at the speed of light, where change is constant and trends come and go, how does one freezes time? Hazel Liew, founder and lead designer of Gaëlle, has found a way. Using the traditional art of hand silkscreening, her custom designs are rooted in the rich, classical elegance of the past with modern detailing and refreshing colour palettes. 

Gaëlle – a beautiful French name (pronounced “GAH-Elle”) that exudes charm, personality, innovation and createsan impression on all who knows her. Inspired by a passion and admiration for French and European motifs, Gaëlle was thus chosen to represent the original concept that spurred this venture into the world of classical elegance and timeless design. All Gaëlle products are designed exclusively in Singapore and hand-crafted with our regional partners.



The Founder

hazel13-small.jpgimg-0854a.jpgHazel Liew, founder and lead designer of Gaëlle, is a Canadian who has travelled extensively, now considers Singapore as her home. Having lived in Australia and Canada, she developed a penchant for Classical European designs since young. She wanted to create a warm, inviting home environment in which her friends and family could find retreat and comfort from their busy lives. When she could not find the inspiring, old-world textiles she fell in love with overseas, she created Gaëlle. 

Her beautifully crafted fabrics uniquely capture classic European designs with a clever infusion of Asian sensibilities. The fabrics distinctive custom colours and patterns lend themselves to the charming product applications Hazel has personally developed for interior design and fashion accessories. Preserving the past with modern inspiration, Gaëlle is the choice for everyday elegance.